Administrative staff directory. 
Faculty directory

Office of the Dean: (773) 702-8221

David Nirenberg, Dean 
Tiffany Borycz, Executive Assistant to the Dean  103  (773) 702-8221

Suzanne Riggle, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration 102 
Sara Bigger, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives 103 
Irema Halilovic, Operations Administrator 101 
Bill Geraci, Technology Coordinator 008 
Joann Dowells, Office Assistant 024 
Nathelda McGee, Faculty Representative 024 

Office of the Dean of Students: (773) 702-8217

Anita Lumpkin, Associate Dean of Students 104 
Miriam Maduff, Assistant Dean of Students 107 
Americia Huckabee, Project Assistant 104 

Office of External Relations 

Terren Wein, Director of Communications and Public Relations 103 
Madison McClendon, Assistant Director of Development 003 

Ministry Suite 

Cynthia Lindner 
Director of Ministry Studies and Clinical Faculty for Preaching and Pastoral Care 400C 

Erika Dornfeld 
Director of Field Education and Community Engagement 400B 

Martin Marty Center (2nd floor): 773-702-7049 

Julia Woods, Project Assistant

Faculty Offices 

Arnold, Daniel 401A 
Casewit, Yousef 225 
Chavel, Simeon 223 
Coyne, Ryan 303A 
Doostdar, Alireza 227 
Evans, Curtis 306C 
Fishbane, Michael 306A 
Fredericks, Sarah 204A 
Hammerschlag, Sarah 300E 
Hector, Kevin 300A 
Heo, Angie 228 
Hopkins, Dwight 304 
Jay, Jeffrey 401 
Kapstein, Matthew 300D 
Krause, Karin 234 
Marion, Jean-Luc 300B 
Miller, Richard 202 
Mireshghi, Elham 406A 
Mitchell, Margaret 204B 
Otten, Willemien 301 
Robinson, James 300C 
Rosengarten, Richard 405 
Schweiker, William 302 
Stackert, Jeffrey 222 
Taylor, Sarah Pierce 229 
Venkatkrishnan, Anand 303B 
Walsh, Erin Galgay 226 
Wedemeyer, Christian 310B 
Ziporyn, Brook 306E 
Zoloth, Laurie 203 

Visiting Professors 

Furstenberg, Yair 004 
Faust, Avraham 235A 
Holt, John 235B 
Bulkeley, Kelly 306B 

Other Teaching Offices 

Divinity Teaching Fellows 007 
Alma Wilson Fellows 006