Dean's Forum

The Dean’s Forum is a long-standing Divinity School tradition. This important event puts Divinity School faculty members from across disciplines into conversation with each other to discuss their colleagues’ new works. The Divinity School warmly welcomes students from across our degree programs and areas to attend any or all of the upcoming Fora -- no prior reading necessary.

Dean’s Fora will be held from 12:00-1:30pm in the Common Room; boxed lunches will be provided free of charge to the first 50 guests who arrive. You are welcome to bring your own lunch. 

Autumn Quarter 2023

Wednesday, October 25:

In Divine Inspiration in ByzantiumKarin Krause examines conceptions of divine inspiration and authenticity in the religious literature and visual arts of Byzantium, demonstrating the pivotal role that claims to the divine inspiration of religious literature and art played in the construction of Byzantine cultural identity. Prof. Richard Miller will join Prof. Krause in conversation.


Wednesday, November 8: 
In Second Texts and Second Opinions: Essays Towards a Jewish BioethicsLaurie Zoloth takes as her book’s subject the intensely private discussions that arise when ordinary people confront life and death choices and struggle with decisions in a world of medical and scientific complexity.  Prof. William Schweiker will join Prof. Zoloth in conversation.

Winter Quarter 2024

Wednesday, January 31:
In Secrets, Lies, and Consequences: A Great Scholar's Hidden Past and his Protégé's Unsolved Murder, Bruce Lincoln analyzes the last events leading up to Ioan Culianu's murder.