Masters applicants are automatically considered for scholarship assistance. These awards are granted solely based on academic merit as determined by the strength of the admission application. The Divinity School does not offer need-based scholarships.

The Divinity School guarantees financial support for PhD students, awarding fellowships that cover tuition, health insurance, and provide a living stipend for the first six (6) years. The stipend for 2019-20 is $27,000. Students who have an approved dissertation proposal by the end of year 5 are eligible for a health insurance award in years 6 and 7. PhD students are also eligible for up to four (4) summer research stipends of $4,000 each for the first four (4) years. Continuation of funding is conditional on satisfactory academic progress as assessed annually in the spring. PhD applicants who already hold a doctorate degree are not eligible for Divinity School funding.