Lincoln Proclamation

Thanksgiving | political religion | repentance

Longing for a Real Thanksgiving

This year's lonely holiday offers a chance for national repentance

November 26, 2020

political partisanship | political parties | political religion

Party On, America?

The concept of loyalty offers hope for our democracy—but only a loyalty that transcends party spirit

November 23, 2020
visser't hooft

WW II | Christian Right | political religion | Holocaust

Is Reconciliation Possible in our Religiously Polarized Moment?

History shows that the damage done by Christian Nationalism cannot be repaired from within a religious framework alone

November 19, 2020

Catholicism | U.S. Supreme Court | Christian Right | political religion

The Problem with Calling Amy Coney Barrett Too Catholic

The tendentious historical origins of American Catholic Conservatism

October 29, 2020
soul of the nation campaign bus

political religion | 2020 Presidential Election | first amendment | freedom of expression

The Soul of the Nation?

A campaign slogan raises interesting questions about what, exactly, we're all fighting for

October 26, 2020
Nixon Kennedy debate

political religion | Community | Technology

Common Sense and the 2020 Election

How do screens change our sense of national community?

October 12, 2020
Floyd, Taylor, and Arberry with halos

political religion | #blacklivesmatter

The Difference between Heroes and Martyrs

When we memorialize victims of police violence, their past actions are irrelevant

October 5, 2020

repentance | political religion | conspiracy theories

On Zealous and Unrepentant Times

A Call to Self-Reflection amidst a Dangerous Devotion

September 28, 2020
Christ separating sheep and goats

political religion | heresy | Orthodoxy

The Creedal Orthodoxy of the RNC platform

A divisive rhetoric of unity

September 10, 2020
Tom Cotton

slavery | politics | political religion | United Methodists

King Cotton

The United Methodist Church's roots witness against Cotton's attack on critical history

September 3, 2020