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Is Israel Practicing Apartheid? American Churches Join the Conversation

A public debate is growing about the State of Israel’s more than fifty-year occupation of Palestinian territory: American Christian organizations are joining the conversation.

May 5, 2022

Israel | political religion | Jewish philosophy | mysticism

The Unity of Opposites: Political Theology and the Common Good

Jewish mysticism offers wisdom for modern politics

March 25, 2021

Israel | Hebrew Bible | political religion | right-wing | White evangelical Christians

Revisiting Jericho

The Biblical exegesis of violence in America and Israel

March 4, 2021

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Religion Headlines -- Martin E. Marty

During the “Religious Revival” in America in the 1950s, observers of “public religion” had little to observe. Many critics found that the only coverage of religion in metro papers appeared on a half page on Saturdays. Cynics charged that the only rea...

January 19, 2015