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Visiting a Fellow Human at the Benedictine Monastery

Nearly 15 years ago I watched a line of young men file out of a Buddhist temple near the sacred Chinese mountain of Putuo. Then, as now, I had a naive belief in the power of spiritual exercises, if not the spirits to which they are often dedicated. M...

September 7, 2017

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Euthanasia, Dignity, and “Spirituality Lite”

Those (of us) who value the ethical but are not ethicists have good reason to pay attention to those philosophers, theologians, and, yes, ethicists, whose vocation it is to deal with values, whether these have to do with ordinary problems and dilemma...

July 10, 2017

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Post-Religious, Post-Spirituality Seekers

The New Year bids us do some sighting of the New in the worlds of post-modern, post-religious, post hippie, post “spirituality” sub-cultures. We can gain access to much of this by keeping an eye on HarperElixir, a promised book-line from HarperOne, t...

January 4, 2016