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A pile of shiny gold coins with the letter "B" prominent on their face

Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin | cults

The Passion of Bitcoin Jesus

In the rush to declare cryptocurrency a new religion, we risk overlooking these stories about how “old” religions are making sense of crypto....

May 15, 2024

conspiracy theories | cults | American religion

The Power of Belief in Conspiracy Theories

People who subscribe to QAnon maintain that Donald Trump remains the “true” president... why would anyone believe this?...

December 17, 2021
gathering in s. korea

South Korea | political religion | cults | Christianity

Christian Apocalypse in Pandemic-Stricken South Korea

Christianity in South Korea will never be the same post-pandemic....

December 9, 2021

unlicensed rehab groups | Alcoholics Anonymous | Pentecostal Christianity | This American Life | addicts | shaming rituals | cults | brainwashing | monastics | nuns | penance | Karen Armstrong

Intense Addict Shaming: Possibilities and Perils

Is shaming through intensive and sometimes harsh therapy sessions at America’s unlicensed rehab groups cause for concern?Too little researched, these rehab groups are present in Spanish-speaking communities throughout major U.S. cities and embedded w...

February 25, 2016