We offer a major and a minor in Religious Studies for College students. Explore numerous religious traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism – our program engages enduring questions about religion and human society. Religious claims and institutions affect our cultural and political lives, global affairs, and personal formation, for good and for ill.

College students of any major are invited to take electives in Religious Studies, which can complement programs in history, literature, philosophy, biology, economics, or sociology, to name just a few. Students of religion study the historical development of specific religious traditions, understand and critically engage the ethical and intellectual teachings of various religions, and begin to make some comparative appraisals of the roles that religions play in different cultures and historical periods.

Religious beliefs and practices have shaped and continue to shape individuals’ and groups’ perception of themselves and the world around them. Religion touches all facets of human experience, and the religious studies program is the place to investigate its intersection with other spheres like gender and sexuality, race, the nation-state, violence, memory, ethics, emotions, politics, economy, power, art, literature, and media.

For more information about the Religious Studies program, please contact Ryan Coyne, Director of the program, at rcoyne@uchicago.edu . All those who are interested in the study of religion at Chicago are invited to sign up for the “religiousstudies” listhost. The listhost distributes information about requirements for the major and minor, new courses, fellowships and other opportunities, and Divinity School events like lectures and conferences that you are welcome to attend.




This year we are offering more than 30 Religious Studies (RLST) courses Per Quarter. Please reference our full list of courses and descriptions in the PDF on the 'Courses' webpage. Below are some of the spotlighted courses for winter quarter, including some of the exciting new courses offered by our teaching fellows.

The full list of 2019-2020 RLST course titles can be found here. (This link is regularly updated) Use this list to see every Divinity class that is at least partially open to undergraduates.


Spotlighted Undergrad Courses for Winter:


RLST 10100- Introduction to Religious Studies (Ryan Coyne) *required course for majors/minors*

RLST 22811- Zombie Hinduism (Anand Venkatkrishnan)

RLST 24504- Dreaming, Religion, Psychology (Visiting Instructor Kelly Bulkeley)

RLST 24601- Martin and Malcolm: Life and Belief  (Dwight Hopkins)

RLST 25703- Climate Ethics (Sarah Fredericks)

Alma Wilson Teaching Fellows

RLST 26302- Religion, Medicine, and Illness (Mark Lambert)

RLST 28211-  Intro to Religion and Literature: Dramatic Encounters (Matthew Creighton)

Divinity Teaching Fellows

RLST 21010- God and the Good Life (David Barr)

RLST 22330- Flooding the World: Creation and Restoration in the Levant, Mesopotamia, and India (Cathleen Chopra-McGowan)

RLST 27140- Truth, Half-Truth, and Post-Truth (Russell Johnson)

RLST 29015- Religion and its "Other": Secular and Post-Secular Formations (Lisa Landoe Hedrick)