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black and white image of large crowd at session of first parliament of world's religions

Connection and Celebration at the World's Parliament of Religions

By Curtis J. Evans

This summer, Chicago will host the Parliament of the World’s…

May 25, 2023
Green glowing light saber held by white man with long hair wearing dark robe

This is the Way: Daoist Themes in Star Wars

By Russell P. Johnson

Today is May 4th, celebrated widely as Star Wars Day. May the Fourth…

May 3, 2023
Two white marble figures embrace

The Symbolism of a Kiss?

By William Schweiker

§1. It is an obvious truth that a single human action can take on…

April 21, 2023
Pregnant woman in hospital bed wearing green gown

When Women’s Fears are Twisted into Myth

By Willemien Otten

Recent abortion bans around the country have heightened women’s fears…

April 13, 2023
Two hands typing on the keyboard of a silver laptop computer

On ChatGPT: A Letter to My Students

By Russell P. Johnson

Dear Students, By now, you are surely familiar with ChatGPT and…

April 6, 2023
The square white buildings against a blue sky with white clouds

Tolerance as Tourism? Dual Developments in the Arab Gulf

By Angie Heo

On March 1, the Abrahamic Family House opened to public visitors with…

March 23, 2023
Rows of gray desks in a classroom

Public Education as Cultural Battleground

By Curtis J. Evans

On March 8, 2023, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed…

March 16, 2023
Painting of Oedipus at Colonus

Oedipus Then and Again … And Again

By Richard A. Rosengarten

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) – poet, translator, actor, and…

March 9, 2023
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