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Theology | Philosophy | Bridge-Building

Encountering Marion: Notes from a Conversation with David Tracy

Next week's conference in honor of Jean-Luc Marion prompts reflection on the French scholar's career.

October 27, 2022


The Achievement of David Tracy

David Tracy's most recent work formulates a future for theology

November 21, 2019

Christianity | India | theology

The Expanded Spelling of "koinonia"

Though as an Indian I take a certain pride in the accomplishments of Indian American children, I generally do not follow closely the spelling bee contests where they emerge as winners in most years. Still, I could not help but take notice when fourte...

June 28, 2018

Canada | Christianity | theology

Douglas John Hall, Celebrating Ninety Years

The year 1928 was a good one for theologians. In addition to the esteemed Professor Marty, the Canadian theologian Douglas John Hall celebrated his ninetieth birthday on March 23. Hall was born in Ingersoll, Ontario; attended high school and business...

April 26, 2018

Antigonish | calling | Enhancing Life Project | Hughes Mearns | Karl Barth | politics | theology

Carrying On or The Little Man Who Wasn't There

Sightings looks for meaning in the abyss of chaos that currently challenges American, and global, culture. The experience of life in its shadows led me to remember “Antigonish,” an old poem (1899) by Hughes Mearns. Some readers may welcome an audio b...

January 23, 2017

theology | David Brooks | grace | Marilynne Robinson | Jeanne Bishop

Grace in the Media

Sightings will never lack subject-matter. Each week the media provide a plethora of options which might inspire comment. Usually these relate to hard news, as in “religion and…ISIS, the scrimmaging before the 2016 election, ‘cops’ anywhere, Bruce Jen...

April 27, 2015

Martin Marty | religious pluralism | theology | Susan Ross | descript | Catholicism

Theology in a Pluralist Context -- Martin E. Marty

“Religion in American Public Life” is the rubric that characterizes our weekly efforts at Sightings. Usually we find massive and looming topics and themes such as “Terrorism,” “The New Atheism,” “The Superbowl.” Sometimes—this week is one of them—we ...

February 2, 2015

democracy | Moral Monday | politics | political partisanship | civic solidarity | theology | public conversation | James Baldwin | Julien Benda | North Carolina | citizenship | society

Thinking Religion and Democracy in Dark Times -- Corey D. B. Walker

I think we must believe it is possible...  - James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time For many scholars and commentators, religion represents a unique challenge to democratic politics. But the challenge does not reside so much in a fundamental...

November 13, 2014