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black and white image of large crowd at session of first parliament of world's religions

Parliament of World's Religions | religious pluralism | theology of brotherhood | ecumenism

Connection and Celebration at the World's Parliament of Religions

At the height of racism in the US and Western colonialism, the Parliament was one attempt to mitigate human division and the sectarian passions nurtured and released by religious certainty....

May 25, 2023

religious pluralism | interfaith

A New Global Faith?

The March 22 issue of the Times Literary Supplement includes an article by Rupert Shortt, “Choosing our religion: The current state of global faith.” Shortt is the author of an informative and helpful biography of the theologian and erstwhile Archbis...

May 20, 2019

Martin Marty | religious pluralism | theology | Susan Ross | descript | Catholicism

Theology in a Pluralist Context -- Martin E. Marty

“Religion in American Public Life” is the rubric that characterizes our weekly efforts at Sightings. Usually we find massive and looming topics and themes such as “Terrorism,” “The New Atheism,” “The Superbowl.” Sometimes—this week is one of them—we ...

February 2, 2015