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israeli apartheid in palestine

Israeli Apartheid in Palestine | Palestinians | Israel | Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) | United Church of Christ | Global Ministries | Episcopal Church | American Friends Service Committee | Presbyterian Church (USA) | United Nations

Is Israel Practicing Apartheid? American Churches Join the Conversation

A public debate is growing about the State of Israel’s more than fifty-year occupation of Palestinian territory: American Christian organizations are joining the conversation....

May 5, 2022

Anglican Communion | Episcopal Church | global South | same-sex marriage

Fractured Christian World(s)

Look at medieval maps of Europe, urges Robert D. Kaplan in the Wall Street Journal (see "Resources" below) and you will be overwhelmed by the dizzying incoherence—all of those empires, kingdoms, confederations, “minor” states, “upper” this and “lower...

January 18, 2016

feminism | Buddhism | Japan | Episcopal Church | Otani sect | Pure Land School

When It Comes to Gender Equality, Religion in Japan Lags Behind

Religion in Japan still lags far behind Japanese politics when it comes to gender equality. The World Assembly for Women (WAW!) convened in Tokyo last August, and, although it focused on the protection of women against violence and discrimination,...

January 7, 2016