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Those [of us] who are expected to monitor religious trends have reason to find talk of blasphemy a complex challenge to commentators and responsible citizens. Islam is an international supplier of reasons for pondering and arguing themes associate...

January 11, 2016

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"Charlie Hebdo's" Haunting Question: Should We Have the Right To Blaspheme?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Geoffrey Stone's comments were first delivered in early March when he introduced a University of Chicago event featuring Charlie Hebdo journalist, Zineb El Rhazoui. Why do we care about freedom of expression? Perhaps the simples...

April 23, 2015

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Another Take on “After ‘Charlie Hebdo,’ Islam Must Critique Itself” -- Matthew Kapstein

Despite my agreement with my esteemed colleagues Professors Bruce Lincoln and Anthony Yu in most aspects of their response in last week’s Sightings to an earlier Sightings piece, “After the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Massacre: Islam Must Open Itself To Critique...

February 19, 2015

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A Reply to Jean-Luc Marion’s “After ‘Charlie Hebdo,’ Islam Must Critique Itself” -- Bruce Lincoln and Anthony C. Yu

Our University of Chicago colleague, Jean-Luc Marion, Andrew Thomas Greely and Grace McNichols Greeley Professor of Catholic Studies, wrote a passionate response to the horrific attacks in Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris this past January (see Sight...

February 12, 2015

Jean-Luc Marion | Charlie Hebdo | Islam | French society | secularism | laicite

After the "Charlie Hebdo" Massacre: Islam Must Open Itself To Critique -- Jean-Luc Marion

This article was originally published in French in Le Point. It was translated by Myriam Renaud. France is at war; we can no longer doubt that this is the case. But this war has at least three fronts.   The first front is obvious: an act of war ...

January 29, 2015

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Blasphemy and Freedom -- Martin E. Marty

The Charlie Hebdo incident: we cannot not sight it and refrain from all comment. It would be redundant to revisit here the obvious aspects of the incident. Thus, obviously, the murderers at the office of the French satirical magazine were simply e...

January 12, 2015