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George Floyd | Race and religion | protests | iconoclasm

Protests, Looting, and Iconoclasm

Considering how Christian acts of iconoclasm may illuminate the aims and effects of property damage and looting during protests

June 4, 2020

Smart Museum of Art | medieval Europe | German Mysticism | Meister Eckhart | Sedes sapientiae | Throne of Wisdom | Throne of Solomon | iconoclasm | John of Damascus | Madonna and child

Medieval Art at the Smart: Mary as Vessel-Like Throne for the Christ-Child, Personification of Wisdom

Medieval Virgin-and-Child statues like the one owned by the Smart Museum of Art were once the most ubiquitous type of medieval devotional image. Those that have survived the vicissitudes of time are of unique interest.   Just over two feet tall and...

July 23, 2015

Bruce Lincoln | Anthony Yu | Charlie Hebdo | #JeSuisCharlie | Islam | iconoclasm | blasphemy | secularism | Talal Asad | egalite | fraternite | Reformation | Enlightenment

A Reply to Jean-Luc Marion’s “After ‘Charlie Hebdo,’ Islam Must Critique Itself” -- Bruce Lincoln and Anthony C. Yu

Our University of Chicago colleague, Jean-Luc Marion, Andrew Thomas Greely and Grace McNichols Greeley Professor of Catholic Studies, wrote a passionate response to the horrific attacks in Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris this past January (see Sight...

February 12, 2015