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God’s Commission: Evangelical Finance in Suburbia

Evangelical megachurches in suburban Chicagoland have faced serious challenges of late, and none more notable than the recent fall of Bill Hybels at South Barrington’s Willow Creek Community Church—a pastor and his flock fairly credited with paradigm...

June 2, 2019

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Why White Evangelicals Are Wrong About Obamacare

Editor's Note: This essay responds to the "Three Reasons White Evangelicals Hate Obamacare" critically analyzed by Myriam Renaud in her April 12 article for Sightings. It is reasonable to think that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (...

May 3, 2018

health care | white evangelicals

Three Reasons White Evangelicals Hate Obamacare

Last year, Republican lawmakers—with the support of many white evangelical Christians—found ways to undermine Obamacare. In Iowa, where evangelicals are a potent force, the governor recently approved legislation allowing insurers to sell cheaper plan...

April 12, 2018

2016 presidential election | Donald Trump | evangelical Christians | Hillary Clinton | Martin Luther King Jr. | progressives | white evangelicals

Progressives, Evangelicals, and Presidential Politics: What Love Has, and Hasn’t, Got to Do with It

A recent analysis of the dynamics of the 2016 presidential election in Sightings—Myriam Renaud, “Progressives: To Take Back the White House, Love Your White Evangelical Neighbors”—is useful. As Ms. Renaud says, the Clinton campaign failed to replicat...

October 5, 2017

Barack Obama | Donald Trump | white evangelicals

Progressives: To Take Back the White House, Love Your White Evangelical Neighbors

How Progressives can improve their chances of recapturing the White House in 2020....

September 21, 2017

2016 presidential election | Donald Trump | Eric Hoffer | Franklin Graham | Hillary Clinton | new poor | opinion gap | Richard Land | white evangelicals

Myths Debunked: Why Did White Evangelical Christians Vote for Trump?

What motivated white evangelicals to vote for Trump in 2016: Abortion and supreme-court nominees? No. Terrorism, the economy, and immigration....

January 19, 2017