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vax protesting healthcare workers

COVID-19 | health care | politics | religious exemption

The Great Defiance: Religious Objections and Vaccine Mandates

Vaccination defiance among healthcare workers reveals much about how many Americans think about themselves and their faith....

February 23, 2022
Plant growing in rocks

Smart Museum of Art | Coronavirus | health care | art

The Precariousness of Care

Attending to each other and our communities is costly, messy, exhausting — and vital...

October 22, 2020
The Beauty of Aging

health care | age | Coronavirus

Blessings, History, and Pandemic Vulnerabilities

What happens when a nation fails to reckon with its own human frailty...

October 15, 2020

Coronavirus | health care | Religion and Literature

The Coronavirus and Us

Exploring the "ultimate dimensions" of COVID-19 as Americans prepare themselves for a season of quarantine and isolation...

March 16, 2020

health care | healthcare reform | US history

“The seeds of compassion and duty”: An Early Americanist Take on Healthcare

Imagining a future for American healthcare by revisiting our past...

March 5, 2020

health care | white evangelicals

Why White Evangelicals Are Wrong About Obamacare

Editor's Note: This essay responds to the "Three Reasons White Evangelicals Hate Obamacare" critically analyzed by Myriam Renaud in her April 12 article for Sightings. It is reasonable to think that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (...

May 3, 2018

health care | white evangelicals

Three Reasons White Evangelicals Hate Obamacare

Last year, Republican lawmakers—with the support of many white evangelical Christians—found ways to undermine Obamacare. In Iowa, where evangelicals are a potent force, the governor recently approved legislation allowing insurers to sell cheaper plan...

April 12, 2018

Martin Marty | Philip Alcabes | curing | healing | health care | narrative medicine | Holy Week

Curing and Healing

“It is strange that healing is absent from medical discourse today. Cure, resolution, recovery, and rehabilitation retain semantic currency; you can find these words throughout the medical textbooks and professional health literature.” But, continues...

March 30, 2015