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American religion | Holy Week | New York Times | secularization thesis | syncretism

Religio-Secular... Again

A thesis about religion in American public life, which is Sightings’s interest: the “secularization thesis” is helpful when one is explaining change in religious institutions, practices, ideas, and influence. But it has its limits. The presumably con...

April 24, 2017

Chicago | generosity | Holy Week | LaSalle Street Church | Laura Truax

Generosity Revisited

Sightings on Mondays cites books, but is not a book-reviewing publication. It does not often revisit previously published columns. We are not to advertise forthcoming events or products, including books. Though we seem to be tied up now in italicized...

April 17, 2017

Martin Marty | Philip Alcabes | curing | healing | health care | narrative medicine | Holy Week

Curing and Healing

“It is strange that healing is absent from medical discourse today. Cure, resolution, recovery, and rehabilitation retain semantic currency; you can find these words throughout the medical textbooks and professional health literature.” But, continues...

March 30, 2015