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Alfred North Whitehead

philosophy of mind | Community | Science | science vs. religion | faith

Alfred North Whitehead and the "Facts"

How an old philosophical trap continues to ensnare us today...

June 3, 2021
Protesters Prayer

Coronavirus | prayer | George Floyd | faith

Unexpected ‘Openings’ and the Essence of Religious Practice

What we learn about the nature of religious practice from the innovations and adaptations of religious communities during the pandemic...

June 18, 2020

Evangelicalism | faith

Jimmy Carter (and Hope) in the News

“True evangelical hope,” a headline in the current (May 23) Christian Century, drew and held my attention this week. It signaled an interview by Elizabeth Palmer with President Jimmy Carter. They got right to the point of “evangelical” issues and con...

May 14, 2018

faith | Enlightenment

Faith and Enlightenment in Dark Times

Tomorrow, Viking will publish Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, from which The Wall Street Journal ran an adapted excerpt on Saturday. To counter the profound gloom which is both fashionable and ...

February 12, 2018

calling | Canada | faith | homelessness | mission | obituaries | Out of the Cold | Roman Catholicism | Susan Moran | Toronto

Acknowledging the Good Stuff

Obituaries are seldom a time for irony, even when the subject is known to be religious. Recent obituaries for Sister Susan Moran of Toronto, who died on December 18th, 2016, warranted a full page in Canada’s national newspaper The Globe and Mail (...

January 26, 2017