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Zhi sends confucius packing

Confucianism | China | morality | social activism

How Not to Be a Feckless Moral Hustler

A topsy-turvy story from the Zhuangzi shows up the limits of noble intentions

April 12, 2021

Islam | Islamophobia | China | Muslims

Save Uighur, Save China

Six Uighur sisters were each robbed of their husbands when Chinese authorities placed the men in concentration camps. They also forcefully took their children to communist-run orphanages and placed Chinese men in each of the sisters’ homes. This stor...

February 28, 2019

artificial intelligence | Confucianism | Neo-Confucianism | Dao | Neo-Dao | Silk Road | East Asia | China | Japan | South Korea | Karl Barth | humanity | Technology

AlphaGo's Victory Over Korean Go-Master Showcases Western vs. Neo-Confucian Values

In a historical milestone for Artificial Intelligence (AI), AlphaGo, an updated (General) AI developed by Google’s DeepMind unit, challenged Korean Go grandmaster Lee Sedol, and handily won, 4 to 1. Go is a game with a nearly infinite number of possi...

June 23, 2016

Jie Shi | Smart Museum | Arhat | Rakan | Theravada Buddhism | Dharma | Southern Song dynasty | Kamakura period | Japan | China

Musing on the Dharma through a Flower: A Medieval Japanese Arhat from the Smart Museum

In a hanging scroll newly acquired by the University of Chicago's Smart Museum, a bald Arhat sits in the foreground under a tree, with a young monk and a little lay-girl at his right side. Behind them, a tree with stout trunks, sprawling leafs, and r...

March 26, 2015