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Image, made available by the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, shows students at a Presbyterian boarding school in Sitka, Alaska in the summer of 1883. (Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia via AP)

Native Americans | colonialism | Pope Francis

Reckoning with Re-education: Christianity’s Role in Native American Boarding Schools

American Christians must reckon with colonial history and cooperate with US government's “Road to Healing" initiative.

July 6, 2022
christ apothecary

science vs. religion | Coronavirus | Martin Luther | John Calvin

Science and Religion in Times of Plague

Calvin and Luther warn against the simplistic assumption that religious liberty is opposed to medical expertise

January 21, 2021

Hansen's Disease

Judging Illness and Living Like Kings in Yomeddine

Religion and the interpretation of illness in the critically acclaimed Egyptian film Yomeddine (2018)

October 31, 2019

HIV/AIDS | homophobia | LGBT rights | stigmatization | xenophobia

The Acquittal of "Patient Zero"

In the midst of the tumultuous vitriol of the recent election and its aftermath, it was unfortunate that a significant story regarding a once virulent legend of the AIDS epidemic went relatively unnoticed—a story that returns us to the apogee of the ...

February 2, 2017

Hansen's Disease | leprosy | Fox News | Hawaii | Act to Prevent the Spread of Leprosy | Kalawao | Kalaupapa | Molokai | Saint Damien | Saint Marianne Cope | Barack Obama | Takalani Sesame | HIV | Biblical narratives

Contagious Armadillos: Spreading Leprosy and Archaic Biblical Narratives

The old adage that truth is stranger than fiction is abundantly apparent in recent headlines linking together the disparate words: leprosy, armadillo, and Florida. We can add “religion” to this uncanny trinity of terms.   A number of news outlets h...

October 1, 2015