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science vs. religion | Coronavirus | Martin Luther | John Calvin

Science and Religion in Times of Plague

Calvin and Luther warn against the simplistic assumption that religious liberty is opposed to medical expertise...

January 21, 2021

John Calvin | Marilynne Robinson

Calvinism II

Editor’s Note: Sightings will be off this Thursday, November 23rd, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Guilt, Luthero-Calvinist style, could be blamed for this column, except that this forgiven Luthero-Calvinist sinner, when writing, favors pardon a...

November 20, 2017

John Calvin | Martin Luther | Reformation

Calvin, for a Change

Recovering, as many of us will and must, from massive doses of Lutherana—after media, scholars, and the pious both among them and beyond their range are doing following October 31 observances—we at Sightings do our scanning of headlines, twisting of ...

November 13, 2017