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(Everywhere) Ferguson and the Socio-Religious Challenge of Hip Hop Culture

Arising out of the 1970s Black/Brown youth-cultured streets of the South Bronx, Hip Hop has emerged to signify a religious and civic politics of human storytelling in the service of undoing deleterious police actions, which are visited upon Black and...

March 19, 2015

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Ferguson Congregations "Lay It On the Table," Taking a Step Toward Honest Dialogue -- Rick Nutt

In his December 1 Sightings article, Martin Marty noted the “signals of civic breakdown and racial conflict at Ferguson” and the “exceptional religious communities who are addressing issues of inequality and injustice.” No one could downplay the impo...

December 4, 2014

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Malaise in Europe -- Martin E. Marty

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, some Americans remembered the religious and not-wholly-commercial base of this national holiday. The religious element bade citizens to look backward with thanks and forward with a spirit of newness and resolve. Yesterday,...

December 1, 2014