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Pro-palestine protesters with Palestinian flags and signs

Anti-Semitism | Israel | Palestine

What We Write about When We Write about the War in Gaza

Ire rises when terms that have been used to characterize violence against Jews in the past are leveled against the state of Israel....

June 12, 2024

David Brooks | Donald Trump | identity politics | Mark Lilla | refugees | Steve Bannon | Women's March on Washington

Rock, Paper, Scissors

With each passing day since the inauguration of Donald Trump the news cycle gets more punishing. Power is consolidated within the executive branch. The three-headed monster of authoritarianism, fear mongering and intimidation takes another step on it...

February 9, 2017

The Ghost of Days Past — Sarah Hammerschlag

Those Who Forget the Past, a recent collection of essays on the reappearance of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere after September 11, alludes in its title to the imperative phrase that has become a Holocaust memorial mantra: Never Forget! The con...

August 26, 2004