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Annulments and Change

“Annulments” turned up in many a recent headline in print and on blogs, referencing a new papal action. To anticipate a united response is to miss the dynamics of contemporary bi-polar Catholicism. One typical headline-and-subheading summarized ...

September 14, 2015

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Vatican and Sisters

Now and then I make visits, not visitations, to Catholic premises, usually university campuses. I started doing so in the years of the Second Vatican Council, some fifty years ago. At that time, a Protestant in such precincts was a bit unfamiliar, ev...

April 20, 2015

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Pope Francis

Depressed, weary, or frightened by stories of USIS and ISIS and other horrors, plus by debates over “religious extremism” and the role of Islam, we focus instead on the not-unimportant figure of Pope Francis, who makes news and inspires reflection. W...

February 23, 2015