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Tolerance as Tourism? Dual Developments in the Arab Gulf

Through the Abrahamic Family House, the UAE carefully curates the public sightseeing of what counts as true religion, what is tolerable and what is not, and what never reaches open discussion in the first place....

March 23, 2023

religious pluralism | interfaith

A New Global Faith?

The March 22 issue of the Times Literary Supplement includes an article by Rupert Shortt, “Choosing our religion: The current state of global faith.” Shortt is the author of an informative and helpful biography of the theologian and erstwhile Archbis...

May 20, 2019

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Futures Projected

Let’s step back this week from the overdoses of religion-in-public-life evidences which are candidates for Sightings these seasons and look for some perspective by using the rear-view mirror provided by historians, theologians, and ethicists. Recentl...

March 14, 2016