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Fahrenheit 451 Redux: Free Thinking in the Present?

Enough with champions of the right and the left, the book burners and those of cancel culture: the present moment calls for a few more firemen like Ray Bradbury....

November 18, 2021

Alt-Right | Civil Religion | Donald Trump | egalitarianism | free speech | political correctness | Robert Maynard Hutchins | University of Chicago

Redefining the American Civil Religion

Editor's note. This is the third in a series of essays on the Trump phenomenon—or "Trumpism," if such a thing can be defined—and what it reveals about the relationship between religion and politics in America today. Be sure to check out the previous ...

October 6, 2016

Nyangweso | Female Genital Mutilation | FGM | Female Genital Cutting | FGC | Female circumcision | political correctness

Ending Female Genital Cutting: Is Political Correctness Getting in the Way?

Discussions about female genital cutting have been controversial because they are embedded in moral universalist and cultural relativist positions...

January 15, 2015