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Catholic versus Muslim "Terrorism" in the U.S.: A Double Standard

I am a practicing, albeit far from exemplary, Roman Catholic. Like so many of my fellow Catholics, it’s impossible to overstate my sense of outrage, shame, and frustration with the leadership of the church over its unconscionable decades-long cons...

September 13, 2018

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Religious Identity Hiding under the Cloak of White Fragility

As we continue to wrestle with whether or not President Trump’s now frozen executive order on immigration constitutes a “Muslim ban”—whether in its original or in its revised form—the American public is faced with another question: what exactly makes...

March 30, 2017

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Of Islam and the Public Square: The Role of the Classroom

An opinion poll showing 31% of Americans feel safer because of the travel ban placed on seven Muslim-majority countries (since reduced to six)—with another 41% expressing no particular opinion—is reflective of the obscure, if not fearsome, image of I...

March 16, 2017