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A person with long purple hair wears the pink and blue transgender flag in the style of a cape.

culture wars | identity politics | liberalism

Liberalism’s Identity Irresolution

The premise of state neutrality has given rise to identitarian conflict that cannot be resolved by appeals to the fundamental rules of the social order....

May 31, 2024
comedy fo errors

political partisanship | American public | liberalism

Our Comedy of Errors?

Hapless, misinformed, and zealous, we are living in a comedy of errors, and possibly a deadly one....

February 10, 2022

Books & Culture | liberalism | higher education

Faustian Bargains

The Great Books, Religion, and “Higher Education”...

January 28, 2022
church and state

liberalism | Thomas Jefferson | Catholicism | Church and State | Benedict Option

Liberalism’s Faith

On Maggie Nelson, the free exchange of ideas that fundamentalists fear, and the faith that must ground any tenable liberalism...

November 11, 2021

liberalism | endurance

Religion in the Years Ahead

the years ahead...

January 14, 2019

conservatism | criticism | Enlightenment | Evangelicalism | liberalism | methodology | study of religion

In Defense of the Liberal in the Study of Religion

Editor's note: In observance of the holidays, Sightings will be off next week. We wish to thank all those who have contributed, read, shared, and responded to our columns this past year. See you in 2017!   In the aftermath of the U.S. president...

December 22, 2016