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A pile of shiny gold coins with the letter "B" prominent on their face

Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin | cults

The Passion of Bitcoin Jesus

In the rush to declare cryptocurrency a new religion, we risk overlooking these stories about how “old” religions are making sense of crypto....

May 15, 2024
"The Exvangelicals" book cover and headshot of Sarah McCammon

Evangelicalism | politics | Religion and media

Leaving Evangelicalism Behind

"The Exvangelicals" is both timely and superb: It deals with the issues that will decide the 2024 elections and discusses them with sensitivity, sophistication, and bravery. 

March 14, 2024
Red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap rests on an open Bible; a blurry map of the United States is visible in the background.

Donald Trump | Evangelicalism | politics

The Long Road to Iowa

Neatly dividing "political evangelicals" from "religious evangelicals" is an impossible task....

January 17, 2024
White man holding Holy Bible while gesturing toward seated figure

Religion and media | Failure | Film | capitalism

Selling the Gospel of Positive Thinking

It's the everyday nature of the failures in "Salesman," a film about Bible salesmen, that makes the film so powerful and relatable....

October 5, 2023
war on women protest

culture wars | sociology of religion | American public | political religion

Don't You Know There's a War On?

Thirty years after its publication, Culture Wars remains an essential guide to American politics....

September 17, 2021