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Pregnant woman in hospital bed wearing green gown

abortion | Myth | pregnancy

When Women’s Fears are Twisted into Myth

Women should not be the subject or target of myth as they should not of any anti-abortion legislation. Rather, they should have the central and deciding voice in all matters regarding pregnancy care and childbirth....

April 13, 2023
abortion supporters protest 1960's

abortion | U.S. Supreme Court | reproductive freedom

Bad Faith History: The End of Roe v. Wade and The Supreme Court’s Myth about Abortion in the United States

The world that the Court’s opinion imagines is intimately (and frighteningly) consonant with a white, Christian nationalist vision of our nation....

July 1, 2022

Catholic Church | Republican Party | political partisanship | abortion

Assessing the Catholicity of a President

The political partisanship of the USCCB...

March 15, 2021

Amoris Laetita | Pope Francis | same-sex marriage | divorce | abortion


“Surprised!” is the rarest response of almost everyone to the long-awaited papal document on the joy of love (Amoris Laetitia). So devotedly had Pope Francis and Catholic episcopal leadership pondered and worked on the new 256-page document on the fa...

April 11, 2016