Alma Wilson Fellowship

The Alma Wilson Fellowship Teaching Prize offers doctoral students and candidates in the Divinity School, with a record of outstanding teaching record, the opportunity to design and teach a course of their own design in the University’s Undergraduate Program in Religious Studies.

Derek Buyan 2021-2022 Spring RLST 25563 Does American Democracy Need Religion?
Allison Kanner-Botan 2021-2022 Spring RLST 28013 Love, Desire, and Sexuality in Islamic Texts and Contexts
Kirsten Collins 2021-2022 Winter RLST 27721 Race and Religion: Theorizing Blackness and Jewishness
Marielle Harrison 2021-2022 Autumn RLST 28991 The Prophet Q
Joel Brown 2020-2021 Spring RLST 27720 Race and Religion in Chicago
Mendel Kranz 2020-2021 Spring RLST 29104 Antisemitism and Islamophobia, Historically and Today
Caroline Anglim 2020-2021 Winter RLST 24160 Whom Am I To Judge? Relativism and Religious Difference
Sara-Jo Swiatek 2020-2021 Autumn RLST 27802 Technology and The Human
Matthew Peterson 2019-2020 Spring RLST 28989 Virtual Realities and Religious Realities
Paride Stortini 2019-2020 Spring RLST 26220 Buddhism and Modernity: East and West
Matthew Creighton 2019-2020 Winter RLST 28211 Intro to Religion and Literature: Dramatic Encounters
Mark Lambert 2019-2020 Winter RLST 26302 Religion, Medicine, and Ilness
Russell Johnson 2018-2019 Spring RLST 28511 Star Wars and Religion
Lisa Landoe Hedrick 2018-2019 Spring RLST 23805 The Problems with God-Talk
Andrew Kunze 2018-2019 Winter/Spring RLST 27420 American Hinduism
Maureen Kelly 2018-2019 Winter RLST 24710 Geneaology of Confession: Foucault, Christianity, and The History of Truth
Marshall Cunningham 2017-2018 Spring RLST 20230 Jerusalem: The "Holy" City
Greg Chatterley 2016-2017 Winter RLST 10100 Intro to Religious Studies
Alexander Hsu 2015-2016 Spring RLST 26200 Reading Buddhist Scriptures as Literature: The Lotus Sutra
Emily Crews 2015-2016 Autumn RLST 28011 Religions of the African Diaspora
Philippa Koch 2014-2015 Spring RLST 21311 Health and The Body in American Religions
Andrew Durdin 2014-2015 Winter RLST 22311 The Ancient Romans and Their Religion
Tarick Elgendy 2013-2014 Spring RLST 24913 Marginalized Theologies
Jessica Andruss 2013-2014 Winter RLST 20910 Prophets in Jewish and Islamic Traditions
Alexander Rocklin 2012-2013 Spring RLST 21403 Race and Religion in the Americas
Joseph Ballan 2011-2012 Winter RLST 23604 Problems of Evil: Narrative, Theodicy, Anti-Theodicy
Megan Doherty 2010-2011 Winter RLST 24303 Faith, Reason, and The Existence of God
Sarah Imhoff 2009-2010 Autumn RLST 21105 Women in American Jewish History
Garry Sparks Jr. 2008-2009 Spring RLST 21402 Missionaries and Mesoamericans in the 1500s
Marsaura Shukla 2007-2008 Spring RLST 24301 Historical Knowledge and Biblical Faith
Adam Darlage 2006-2007 Winter RLST 22601 The Radical Reformation
Lea Schweitz 2005-2006 Spring RLST 24302 Pragmatism and Religion: Willliam James Today
David Simmons 2004-2005 Winter RLST 28601 Goethe: Faust