Caroline Anglim


Martin Marty Center Fellow

My dissertation approaches medical ethics as a space of public, democratic discourse. I am working to identify analytical categories and conceptual distinctions in democratic theories and to make those relevant and useful to medical ethicists. I am most interested in how medical ethicists have dealt with the ever-increasing religious pluralism of American public life and, in particular, of American public health systems. I am hoping to offer solutions to the challenges of religious diversity in medicine by drawing on interdisciplinary analyses of democratic theories and models for community decision making. 

The Martin Marty Center Junior Fellowship provides me with the opportunity to join colleagues and established scholars in religious studies in discussions about modern religious life and its intersection with public life, discourse, and decision-making. I am currently working on my second chapter and hoping to advance through my mid-point review and third chapter during my time at the Marty Center. I am greatly looking forward to this unique opportunity.