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Race and religion | Southern Baptists | Southern Baptist Convention

We Are Building Up A New World

Critical Race Theory’s Progressive Vision vs the Southern Baptist Convention’s Regressive Politics...

October 28, 2021

Alt-Right | racism | Southern Baptist Convention | Southern Baptists | white supremacy

For Southern Baptists, a Sudden Awakening and Turn on the “Alt-Right”

In a classic essay on “Denominationalism,” Sidney E. Mead observed that “[t]he denomination, unlike the traditional forms of the church, is not primarily confessional, and it is certainly not territorial. Rather it is purposive.” When Mead published ...

June 19, 2017

Southern Baptists | Russell Moore | Jonathan Merritt | Southern Baptist Convention | Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Southern Baptists

Recent on-line religion stories bout Southern Baptists....

February 8, 2016

Southern Baptist Convention | missionary | foreign missions

Missionaries Come Home

Newspeople and commentators outside the South ordinarily pay little attention to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). They find little reason to notice this church body if they are geographically remote from, or see the SBC as remote from public af...

November 2, 2015