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1914 AG presbytery

Assemblies of God | missionary | American Latinos | identity politics

"The Latinx Vote" as Mission Field

The idea of the cultural homogeneity of Spanish-speaking immigrants to the US bears traces of missionary endeavors a century ago

November 30, 2020

missionary | Evangelicalism

John Allen Chau’s Evangelical Errors

As a theologian who has done fieldwork in conflict zones and written on risk, my first response upon reading about John Allen Chau’s death at the hands of the Sentinelese people was anger. I do not want to squelch the anger, which seems to me to be r...

December 6, 2018

Southern Baptist Convention | missionary | foreign missions

Missionaries Come Home

Newspeople and commentators outside the South ordinarily pay little attention to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). They find little reason to notice this church body if they are geographically remote from, or see the SBC as remote from public af...

November 2, 2015