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earth viewed from space

stewardship of the earth | environment | social justice | Coronavirus

Will There Be Life On Earth?

An Earth Day reflection on trusting our eyes

April 22, 2021

Laudato Si | Pope Francis | environment


The first cartoon to be sighted in a Sightings sighting after sixteen years is entitled “Encyclical” and drawn by Joe Fournier whose work appears on the editorial page of the Chicago Tribune (June 25, 2015). In the cartoon, Pope Francis, at prayer...

July 13, 2015

drought | climate | environment

What's Religion Got To Do With Drought? — Kristel Clayville

NOTE: Sightings will be on hiatus during August and will return September 1. Should a visitor to California forget that this state is suffering from a fourteen-year drought, a “Pray for rain” sign in a field of gold-colored dirt serves as a stark ...

July 31, 2014