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Pope Francis

Psychoanalysis's Influence on Pope Francis

March 13, 2018, marked five years of both Pope Francis’s pontificate and commentary upon it, with little signs of either flagging. In fact, scattered moments from the past few years indicate a still-underappreciated psychoanalytic influence on thi...

March 29, 2018

unlicensed rehab groups | Alcoholics Anonymous | Pentecostal Christianity | This American Life | addicts | shaming rituals | cults | brainwashing | monastics | nuns | penance | Karen Armstrong

Intense Addict Shaming: Possibilities and Perils

Is shaming through intensive and sometimes harsh therapy sessions at America’s unlicensed rehab groups cause for concern? Too little researched, these rehab groups are present in Spanish-speaking communities throughout major U.S. cities and embedd...

February 25, 2016

"Gravity" vs. Richard Dawkins — David Mihalyfy

Director Alfonso Cuaron’s movie, "Gravity," isn’t just an Oscar-winning blockbuster—it’s also a battleground for the early 21st Century “God Wars” in which the concept of providence is used as a weapon against the “New Atheist” viewpoints popularized...

March 13, 2014

Whatever's Possessed Nicki Minaj? One Rapper's Riff on the Demonic by David Mihalyfy

Rapper Nicki Minaj's new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded debuted at the top of the Billboard Charts and is still selling strong in its seventh week of release. Thanks to its success and its titular alter ego Roman Zolanski, the talented and audacio...

May 24, 2012