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Connected Criticism -- Martin E. Marty

“Open your Bibles to the book of the Prophet Amos…” That sounds like a command from a Bible Class of old. Instead, it’s a response to a column by a favorite of ours, William Galston, from the Wall Street Journal (Feb. 24). Quoting Amos may seem arcan...

March 2, 2015

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Torture in America -- Martin E. Marty

A micro-second or two after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on CIA Torture was released, a maxi-predictable reaction occurred. It was subjected to partisan interpretations and transformed into self-serving weaponry. Is it possible ...

December 15, 2014

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Irony as the Form of Wisdom, and Its Limit -- W. Clark Gilpin

Irony is one of the principal forms of wisdom, as wisdom has been understood in world philosophical and spiritual traditions.  Among the contributions of irony to wisdom traditions, perhaps the most important has been its counsel of humility with re...

October 16, 2014