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soul of the nation campaign bus

political religion | 2020 Presidential Election | first amendment | freedom of expression

The Soul of the Nation?

A campaign slogan raises interesting questions about what, exactly, we're all fighting for...

October 26, 2020
Pete B

Presidential primary | 2020 Presidential Election | Race and religion | LGBT rights | gay marriage

The Black Church and LGBTQ People: Lessons Learned from #dems2020

Interrogating the intersection of race, religion, and LGBTQ rights in the South Carolina Democratic primary...

May 14, 2020

politics | 2020 Presidential Election

The L-Word and “The Art of Battling Giants”

Marianne Williamson believes that all she needs is love to beat Donald Trump in 2020. In her closing statement during the first Democratic primary debate on June 27, she spoke directly to the President: “If you’re listening, I want you to hear me, p...

July 15, 2019