The Colman Program continues the tradition of workshops, 3 or 4 per quarter, led by expert teachers from the Divinity School faculty, our amazing alumni, and around the world that has been the hallmark of the Craft of Teaching in the Academic Study of Religion.  Our unique program in the craft of teaching has trained our graduates to be outstanding pedagogues of the academic study of religion.  We also operate the Craft of Teaching Blog, where alumni professors write about their experiences teaching.  Additionally, the Program has recently added programming in inclusive pedagogy, and PhD students can apply to be inclusive Pedagogy Fellows for a year and explore inclusive pedagogy in depth.  The University of Chicago has recently required all PhD students to complete a Pedagogical Training Plan, which the Colman Program’s offerings complement. 

A small sample of recent (2019-2021) Craft of Teaching workshops include:

  • Beyond the Essay: Alternative Forms of Assessment in Religious Studies
  • Choosing Texts for a Religious Studies Course
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Designing a Syllabus for the Religious Studies Classroom
  • Developing Questions for Learners
  • How NOT to Read a Text Like a Graduate Student
  • Not Herding Cats: How to Lead Large Lecture Courses
  • Teaching the Introduction to the Study of Religion