Lecturing Series, Winter 2023

In this series of four workshops, students will be guided through and learn about lecturing, a key component of higher-education work. Students from across our degree programs are welcome.  Students who attend all four sessions will receive a small Colman Program teaching grant.

January 13: “Introduction to Public Speaking” 
10:30-Noon, Third Floor Lecture Hall. Introductory workshop.

Learn techniques for effective public speaking, from the lecture hall to the academic conference to other professional settings. Please come prepared to give a 2-minute elevator speech about your work. Seth Patterson, MDiv2015, will reprise his wildly successful public speaking workshop last offered in 2016.

January 27: “Preparing a Lecture: How the Sausage is Made." 
10:30-Noon, Swift 208. Introductory workshop.

What are some methods for compiling notes, outlining, etc.? How does one develop a general topic into an effective and engaging lecture? Prof. Anand Venkatkrishnan will provide valuable insights into the art of preparing a lecture.

February 10, “Lecturing to Diverse Audiences.” 
10:30-Noon, Swift 208. Introductory workshop.

A lecture hall is a diverse place, so how does one engage a broad audience? Prof. Laurie Zoloth will walk us through the art of lecturing with a focus on reaching as many students as possible by offering various materials and approaches.

February 24, “Microteaching: The Lecture."
10:30-Noon, Third Floor Lecture Hall. Advanced workshop.

In this microteaching workshop, students will present a 10-minute lecture in front of a live audience of faculty and students who will provide feedback. The lecture will be recorded so students will have an opportunity afterward to watch themselves teaching and learn from that experience.