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legally blonde elle woods

feminism | Film | women

Getting Serious about Legally Blonde

The 2001 comedy shatters expectations about what makes a good heroine...

May 9, 2022

burkini | France | Muslims | secularism | women

A Crisis of Faith in Laïcité

A few weeks ago in late August, a woman was napping on a crowded beach in Nice when a group of police officers approached and ordered her to remove her shirt. In a striking sequence of photos, a photographer for AFP captured the scene (see Gillman, e...

September 15, 2016

Catholicism | nuns | sisters | women

American Women Religious: Sisters of the World and Nuns Dedicated to Prayer — Michelle Urberg

In a March, 2014, Sightings, author Monica Mercado cautioned that “to celebrate Catholic sisters, we might resolve to tell many stories, not just one.” Her article explored the mission of the recently-launched SisterStory project, an online forum des...

July 10, 2014

Pakistan | honor killing | murder | women

Sitting with Farzana: Would She See What We See? — Ayesha Chaudhry

On May 27, 2014, another woman was murdered in Pakistan. Her name was Farzana, she was 25 years old, married, and pregnant. She was killed by twenty members of her family, including her father, brothers, and cousins. They pelted her with bricks becau...

June 12, 2014