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Thoughts and Prayers

As inhabitants of the only country in the world where school shootings are routine, the American faithful must not pray for serenity, but for courage....

June 8, 2022

culture wars | gun legislation | gun violence

Souls and the Guns of America

“Guns and the Soul of America” is the title of an important recent column by David Brooks (The New York Times, October 6th). Sightings writers do not claim to be experts on guns, but something or other about “souls” shows up in most of our semiweekly...

October 9, 2017

epidemic | contagion | gun violence | Second Amendment | gun lobby | gun legislation

Epidemic as Metaphor: Meaning and Morality in Our Narratives of Gun Violence

Much could be written, has been written, and still needs to be written about gun violence, the Second Amendment, responsible gun ownership, the gun lobby, and politicians. But here—for a moment—I want to pause and consider two metaphors that are beco...

December 31, 2015