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The World House — Robert M. Franklin

As war rages in Iraq and as President Bush advocates a budget that many fear will further neglect the nation's poor, the writings and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr., are as relevant as ever. In particular, the urgent message of his largely ignor...

March 31, 2005

Black Theology and The Passion — Robert M. Franklin

The Passion of the Christ will be seen by millions of people. Many will view it reverently, as movie theatres become houses of worship. Others will condemn the director's interpretive spin in portraying Jews as unrepentant Christ killers or imposing ...

February 19, 2004

Jesse's Journey -- Robert M. Franklin

The recent revelations regarding the Reverend Jesse Jackson's private life have evoked great sadness and pain.  For over forty years, Jackson has been a world-class "public theologian," politician, and opinion leader. He was a close aide to Dr. Marti...

January 24, 2001