Audrey Gordon, 2020 Alumna of the Year

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Audrey Gordon Named Alumna of the Year 2020

Upon recommendation from the Divinity School’s Alumni Council, the Board of Trustees of the Baptist Theological Union has named Audrey Gordon (MA’70) the Divinity School Alumna of the Year for 2020.  A pioneer in the field of end-of-life care, Dr....

March 3, 2020
Aisha Beliso de Jesus


Aisha Beliso de Jesus: Religion in the Closet

Aisha Beliso de Jesus, Princeton University, will give a public lecture entitled "Religion in the Closet: Heterosecularisms and Police Practitioners of African Diaspora Religions" on February 27. ...

January 31, 2020
Robert G. Schloerb

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Robert G. Schloerb, 1924-2019

Trustee Emeritus Robert Gransden Schloerb, a distinguished attorney and dedicated supporter of the University of Chicago Divinity School, died on Dec. 19. He was 95 years old. Schloerb, JD’51 was a dedicated friend to the Divinity School, and his ...

January 30, 2020
religious studies


Undergraduate Courses

View our full list of 2020-21 RLST courses here.   Every year we offer more than 30 Religious Studies courses per quarter. Please reference our full list of courses and descriptions on the Courses page and visit our Spotlighted Courses page for...

November 21, 2019
Angie Heo

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The Anthony C. Yu Junior Faculty Fellowship

The Divinity School is pleased to announce the Anthony C. Yu Junior Faculty Fellowship, and to announce that Angie Heo, Assistant Professor of the Anthropology and Sociology of Religion, will be its first recipient. Established through a $500,000 gif...

November 15, 2019
D Gottlieb and PMF


Interview with Paul Mendes-Flohr

David Gottlieb (PhD'18) speaks with Prof. Emeritus Paul Mendes-Flohr on the New Books in Jewish Studies podcast.    ...

November 11, 2019
K Boswell-Ford

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Profile: Kirsten Boswell-Ford

The Rev. Kirstin Boswell-Ford has the kind of cosmopolitan background and burnished university career to make even the most blasé take notice. Growing up, she lived on several continents, toiled in the corporate world before studying in the Master...

October 7, 2019
V. Patel


Profile: Viraj Patel

Viraj Patel has always been fascinated with – and frustrated by – the challenge of expressing a Hindu identity as an Indian-American. Even as a child growing up in the 1990s in a small town near Allentown, Pennsylvania, the first generation Indian...

October 7, 2019
teresa hord owens

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2018-19 Alumni Citations Winners

The Alumni Citations, started in 2018, honor alumni for their accomplishments and service. The awards are intended to respond to timely events in a person’s life. Given these criteria, it is fitting indeed that the first-ever Alumni Citations were gi...

October 1, 2019