The Biggest Questions

The Biggest Questions Podcast is a faculty-driven project sponsored by our Martin Marty Center for the Public Understanding of Religion.

The Biggest Questions

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Hosted by Professors Kevin Hector and Jeffrey Stackert, The Biggest Questions Podcast features interview-style conversations with scholars, including Divinity School faculty members. Its aim is lively discussion of both the broad range of ideas and practices that constitute religion and how scholars make sense of them. The name of the podcast, then, is meant in both of its senses: as a set of conversations on religion, it addresses what are for many their biggest and most important concerns. At the same time, in engaging new research, these conversations will probe the most pressing questions of the scholars interviewed. We will even put the question to each of our guests directly: “What’s your biggest question?” (and perhaps even its corrolate, “What’s your smallest question?”). 

 Listen below to our preview episode featuring our new colleague, Erin Galgay Walsh, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature in the Divinity School. On this episode, Professor Walsh discusses her research on women in antiquity and, in particular, ancient Syriac Christianity; she also talks about a recent course she taught on this topic. 

 Listen to the preview episode.

This podcast will reach beyond the walls of Swift Hall without leaving it behind. As host Jeffrey Stackert says, "we really enjoy learning more by talking with each other and with colleagues across our field. We also know that there are many others who are interested in the complexity and peculiarity of religion. We are excited about this podcast because it is an opportunity to do more of what we love: to think and talk about religion with really smart and interesting people and to have a great time in the process."

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