Divinity School Teaching Fellows

The Divinity School Teaching Fellows is a two-year program designed to enhance the pedagogical skills of and extend research training for recent PhD graduates of the Divinity School. The overall aim of the program is to foster a learning community in which Fellows explore effective teaching practices while continuing to advance their own research agenda. Up to four Teaching Fellowships may be awarded this year.

Teaching Fellows are recent graduate students who have completed all requirements for the PhD within eight years of matriculation into the doctoral program of the Divinity School. (If the program is extended next year, the requirement will be seven years, as it is currently in Humanities and Social Sciences.) Selection is competitive, and individuals accepted to the program will have demonstrated excellence in their scholarship, as well as in teaching. The program provides guidance and support from multiple mentors on teaching, research, and ongoing professional development.

Teaching Fellows are expected to be fully in residence and on campus during the three quarters of the academic year, and will participate in a program of professional development under the joint supervision of the Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT) and their mentor in a relevant Area of the Divinity School. Fellows will teach four courses per year, including at least two courses in the Core, and up to two undergraduate courses in Religious Studies, and are expected to advance their own research agenda and participate in campus activities such as the School’s Craft of Teaching program and CAS workshops in their discipline.

Each Divinity Teaching Fellow will be paid a salary for the three quarters of the academic year; provided with support for research and professional development; provided benefits such as health insurance coverage, etc.; and given library privileges and access to placement services.