Photo by Jim Watkins

Starting in week 2 on Jan. 20, join us on Wednesdays from 11:45-12:15 for Open Space, a weekly ritual gathering for students connected to the Divinity School. Together, for just a half an hour, we will pause from the week's expectations to connect around a given question. This quarter, we will draw from the online project SIXTYEIGHT2OHFIVE, a playlist project and archive of essays on music between 1968-2005 organized by poet and cultural critic (+) Hanif Abdurraqib. Speakers are asked to answer the question: Who or what guides you? This question follows-up from our fall question:  Who are you singing with, and to?, which we asked together while reading Ross Gay's Book of Delights.

 As always, this service is student-led and unaffiliated with a single faith tradition. Attendees are welcome to bring their full selves for a reflection period following the weekly speaker's offerings. For questions or suggestions, please feel free to email our coordinators at bvanderburgh @ or  lauraj @ Follow us on instagram at @uchiopenspace.