Raúl E. Zegarra-Medina

Raul Zegarra-Medina


Divinity School Teaching Fellow in the Divinity School and the College

Raúl E. Zegarra-Medina works on the intersections between philosophy, theology, and ethics, with special emphasis on questions of social justice and religious identity. His research focuses on the contributions of liberation theology, addressing how individuals and communities involved with this theological project articulate their values and identities, especially when tensions between political and religious commitments emerge.

Raúl is currently working on a book manuscript provisionally entitled The Revolution of Tradition: A Reinterpretation of Liberation Theology. Based on his doctoral dissertation—which recently received the University of Heidelberg’s 2021 Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise—this manuscript advances an interdisciplinary interpretation of liberation theology that underscores its revolutionary approach to the question of social justice. In doing so, the book makes a key intervention in the classical debate about whether secular-liberal or religiously-informed conceptions of justice should have priority in the political arena. Through a careful philosophical, historical, and theological examination, this work rejects this classical dichotomy. Instead, this work defends a more complex account, where the moral imagination of communities and individuals finds balance between these competing claims.


Raúl’s teaching includes courses on Latinx religion in the US, religious progressive politics, political philosophy and secularization theory, and American pragmatism.