Doren G. Snoek


Martin Marty Center Fellow

My dissertation, Social Memory, Scribalism, and the Book of Chronicles, explores theories of social memory and processes of textual production in antiquity. It integrates, by way of media reception, memory theory and knowledge of scribal practice in antiquity. I consider the biblical work Chronicles (דברי הימים) in this theoretical framework and argue that it offers a transformative representation of the past.

I am particularly excited about working as a member of the Martin Marty Center this year. The Marty Center allows me connect with junior and senior scholars in other disciplines. The unique interdisciplinary exchange allows me to understand their work and my own from different perspectives. This is very enriching. I also look forward to the opportunities for public engagement presented by the Marty Center as a way to relate the technical work with biblical and other ancient texts that happens in the dissertation with contemporary concerns.