Below we have highlighted some of our upcoming Religious Studies courses. Check back frequently for updates.

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RLST 21020 - Is Humanity Doomed?

RLST 27656 - Pilgrimage, Voyage, Journey

RLST 27720 - Race and Religion in Chicago

RLST 27803 - The Subject and the Social

RLST 28508 - Sacred Mushrooms and Spirit Molecules: Uses and Abuses of Religion Under the Influence of Psychedelics

RLST 29104 - Antisemitism and Islamophobia, Historically and Today


Also check out the two courses being taught by the new Templeton Fellows in Religion, Ethics, and the Medical Sciences:

RLST 26303 - Intersectionality in American Medical Ethics - Caroline Anglim

RLST 26309 - Justice, Solidarity, and Global Health - Daniel Kim



Signature Courses for 2020-2021

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SIGN 26069 - RLST 24103 "Bioethics" (Spring)

SIGN 26072 - RLST 28901 "Religion, Science, and Naturalism: Is There a Problem?" (Spring)

SIGN 26073 - RLST 24200 "Philosophy and Literature in India" (Winter)

SIGN 26074 - RLST 29300 "My Body, My Self: Asceticism and Subjectivity" (Winter)