This year we are offering more than 30 Religious Studies (RLST) courses Per Quarter. Please reference our full list of courses and descriptions in the PDF on the 'Courses' webpage. Below are some of the spotlighted courses for winter quarter, including some of the exciting new courses offered by our teaching fellows.

The full list of 2019-2020 RLST course titles can be found here. (This link is regularly updated) Use this list to see every Divinity class that is at least partially open to undergraduates.


Spotlighted Undergrad Courses for SPRING:

RLST 20100- The Fetish: Theories and Methods in Religious Studies (Sarah Hammerschlag) *required course for Religious Studies majors*

RLST 23000 - Muses and Saints: Poetry and the Christian Imagination (Erin Galgay Walsh)

RLST 23810 - Guilt and Forgiveness (Kevin Hector)

RLST 24103 - Bioethics (Laurie Zoloth)

RLST 24251 - The Bhagavad Gita: Contested Readings of a World Classic (Dan Arnold)

RLST 24505 - The Dream in Modern Thought (Ryan Coyne)

RLST 26170 - Why Do Animals Talk? Beastly Worlds in South Asian Literature (Sarah Pierce Taylor)

Alma Wilson Teaching Fellows

RLST 26220 - Buddhism and Modernity: East and West (Paride Stortini)

RLST 28989 - Virtual Realities and Religious Realities (Matthew Peterson)

Divinity Teaching Fellows

RLST 21020 - Is Humanity Doomed? (David Barr)

RLST 23880- Villains: Evil in Philosophy, Religion, and Film (Russell Johnson)

RLST 29016 - Theology without God (Lisa Landoe Hedrick)